Orange Butterfly Bat Mitzvah Invitation Set Blue Flowers Green Foliage

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Orange Butterfly Bat Mitzvah Invitation Set Blue Green Floral

Butterflies are a great theme choice for a Bat Mitzvah! Especially bright and cheerful orange butterflies. We’ve just designed this beautiful orange butterfly Bat Mitzvah invitation set. This set has been designed exclusively for our partner Lemon Leaf Prints.

The butterfly Bat Mitzvah invitation features a big, bright orange butterfly paired with little blue flowers with yellow centers and green foliage and leaves. The leaves have a trailing vine look and they trail down the side of the invitation. All the design elements look like they are watercolor painted or illustrated. We’ve also included a blue Jewish Star of David in the bottom right hand corner as an accent. These nature inspired elements are situated over a clean and modern white background and paired with a cute whimsical script font for your daughter’s name and for your host names.

The other elements available in the set (RSVP card, reception insert card, mailing labels, and flat thank you card) all complement the invitation design with similar elements, but different sizing and placement. This makes for a beautiful matching orange butterfly Bat Mitzvah invitation suite.

We love butterflies as a theme for a Bat Mitzvah. It’s great for any time of the year, but is an especially good choice for a spring or summer Bat Mitzvah. Butterflies are bright and cheerful and loved by everyone. They also make a great symbol for a Bat Mitzvah because they go from being a caterpillar to emerging into a butterfly… a nice symbol for this coming of age ceremony.

Other matching items can be added upon request. Also, your daughter’s Hebrew name can be added to the invitation if you’d like. Wording can be personalized any way you’d like. You don’t have to stick to the template, as that is just an example. However, just keep in mind the size of the cards and the limits on space. Please contact us if you’re not sure if your proposed wording will fit or if you have any other questions. We’re happy to help out.

You can check out the product pages for all of these items by clicking on the images or links below.

Remember that this butterfly Bat Mitzvah invitation suite is an exclusive design for Lemon Leaf Prints. Lemon Leaf Prints is an online marketplace where you can purchase a variety of special occasion stationery sets.

With Lemon Leaf Prints, when you purchase, the designer of the original product is the one who personalizes your product for you. So, if you purchase any of the items above, we’ll be personally laying out your custom wording for you. We make sure you’re happy with how everything looks before it goes to print as well. You get an electronic product proof to approve through email and we’ll make whatever changes you require. Once you’re satisfied, the product goes to print. Printing takes up to 3 business days, but is often much faster than that. There are different paper types and envelopes to chose from. Also, you can choose to have rounded corners on the invitations too. Pricing is competitive and affordable.

Lemon Leaf Prints offers you the best in customer service and quality at an affordable price.

For this invitation set, any of the available paper types would be great choices. If you want to add some shimmer, the #110 ice pearl is a good choice and if you want to add some texture, the #110 white felt is a good choice. However, this design would also look great on the #120 uncoated accent opaque paper.

Posted by Wasootch - a designer of unique special occasion stationery and customizable gifts.