Raining Pixels Video Game Bar Mitzvah Invitation Sets

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raining pixels video game gamer bar mitzvah invitation sets

We recently created these video game Bar Mitzvah invitations. These raining pixels video game or gamer Bar Mitzvah invitation sets come in rainbow color or green, gray, and black. These Bar Mitzvah invitation sets are a great choice for a video game or computer themed Bar Mitzvah party.

Video games and computers are very popular these days, especially with boys. With these gamer Bar Mitzvah invitation designs digital pixels or LEDs rain or cascade from the top and gradually fade away towards the bottom. The pixels accent the Jewish Star of David. The fonts used for the wording are digital or digitized fonts like you’d see in pixelated graphics or on old computer and electronic displays. For an additional fun touch, some of the pieces feature binary code at the bottom. In the case of the invitation, the 1 and 0 binary code translates to “Bar Mitzvah”. It’s kind of like a secret code to see if your son’s friends understand what it says. Great fun for a geek or a nerd!

Video game Bar Mitzvah is a fantastic theme choice. It will reflect your son’s personality and there are so many gaming decor items to decorate with that you will not have any trouble at all. In fact, you can hold the party at Dave & Buster’s and have no decorating to do. This invitation design is generic enough that it covers off any video game or computer related theme.

These Bar Mitzvah invitation designs are themed, but still very elegant. Hebrew wording (Hebrew name) can be added for free with your purchase of this invitation set. We’ve even added full Hebrew invitation wording to the back for some customers. If you require Hebrew wording, you will need to supply the Hebrew and we aren’t able to check it for spelling or punctuation errors. That will be fully up to the you to check.

When you order these video game Bar Mitzvah invitation sets, we personalize all the wording for you and email you electronic proofs to approve before anything goes to print. Nothing will go to print until you are absolutely satisfied with how the items look.

Green Black Raining Pixels Video Game Bar Mitzvah Invitation Set

This green and black raining pixel video game Bar Mitzvah invitation set is a great color combination for a video game Bar Mitzvah. Green is often used in video games and represents things like toxic goo and alien skin. It’s also the color of the XBox logo and features quite a bit in Minecraft. We’ve paired green with black and gray (grey). These colors are very masculine as well and suit the Bar Mitzvah age. Classic, yet not too stuffy.

Rainbow Colors Raining Pixels Video Game Bar Mitzvah Invitation Set

This rainbow colored raining pixel video game Bar Mitzvah invitation set is a bright and fun color combination for a video game Bar Mitzvah. It features the colors of the rainbow: purple, blue, green, orange, yellow, and red. The wording is a combination of green and orange. However, if you want a different color for the wording, we can change that free of charge. For example, some customers have wanted blue and green for the wording. The rainbow colors are cheerful. With the white background, if you get ice pearl paper, the shimmer in the paper will really stand out for an extra elegant look.

We’ve also had customers buy this rainbow version of the design for their daughters that are wanting a video game Bat Mitzvah invitation. So, these designs aren’t just for boys. We can make this into a raining pixels video game Bat Mitzvah invitation as well.

These raining pixel video game Bar Mitzvah invitation stationery designs are exclusive to Lemon Leaf Prints. You won’t be able to find them anywhere else. If you have any questions about the designs, or would like them in a different color, or want additional matching items to go along with them, please contact us using the “ask the designer” link on the Lemon Leaf Prints product pages.

Lemon Leaf Prints aims to please! And the customer reviews have been overwhelmingly positive!

Posted by Wasootch - a designer of unique special occasion stationery and customizable gifts.