Unique Cinema Theater Marquee Lights Mitzvah Invitation Set

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Unique Cinema Theater Marquee Lights Bar or Bat Mitzvah Invitation Set

Do you have a son or daughter who loves Hollywood, cinema, film, Broadway or theater? Has your son or daughter ever dreamed of having their name in vintage marquee lights? If so, then we think this might be the perfect Bar or Bat Mitzvah invitation set. This recent design creation of our’s is a vintage marquee lights Bar or Bat Mitzvah invitation set. This vintage Hollywood or Broadway theater Mitzvah invitation set is perfect for a Hollywood, film / movie / cinema themed Mitzvah or it could also work for a Broadway or theatre themed Mitzvah. 

The background on this urban marquee lights Bar Mitzvah invite suite (or Bat Mitzvah) design is a red brick pattern like you’d find on old vintage style buildings. This background is then complimented with a marquee lights style segmented signboard that is accented with the Jewish Star of David. The fonts used are similar to what would be used on a marquee lights board. Some of the light bulbs are lit and some are burnt out to go with the vintage style. The colors in the design are red, purple, and orange. The words “Bar Mitzvah” are highlighted using letters that look like they are filled in with light bulbs. 

Features of this Cinema Theater Marquee Lights Mitzvah invitation set:

  • Vintage, urban design style
  • Marquee lights segmented signboard
  • Accent Jewish Star of David
  • Flourish at top of signboard has a bit of a carnival look
  • Red, purple and orange
  • Red brick background (can be changed to grey concrete if you’d prefer)

There is currently a marquee lights Bar Mitzvah invitation, reply card, and reception card available for purchase. Remember, this can be used for a Bat Mitzvah as well.

Change the wording however you want… but please consider the constraints in the signboard segments. We will typeset the design for you and provide electronic proofs for you to approve before anything goes to print.

Purchase this Marquee Lights Film Theater Mitzvah invitation set

Click the images below to visit the product pages.

This vintage Hollywood movie or Broadway theater Mitzvah invitation set is very unique and striking, so it looks fabulous on the very affordable standard 120# uncoated accent opaque paper. Other paper types would work as well. However, if you purchase the ice pearl paper, keep in mind there will be an underlying shimmer to the whole design.

Want any other items to go along with this design or have questions about the design? Contact us either here on this site or contact us using the “ask the designer” link on any of the above product pages and we will help with any questions or requests.

Posted by Wasootch - a designer of unique special occasion stationery and customizable gifts.