Instant Downloadable Bridal Shower Games that You Can Print at Home

Hot pink and spring green floral bridal shower games by Wasootch

We’ve recently opened up a Wasootch store on Etsy. As part of our offerings in this new store, we are selling instant downloadable digital printable bridal shower games. We’ve focused on “Who Knows the Bride Best?” and “The Newlywed Game”.

Bridal shower hosts are always looking for ways to get a diverse group of guests interacting and having fun. Often times guests at a bridal shower aren’t well acquainted with each other. Bridal shower games like “Who Knows the Bride Best?” and “The Newlywed Game” allow for some fun interaction to happen amongst the group. It’s also a great way to have your guests feel they are more a part of the wedding by revealing information about the bride and groom they might not otherwise have known. These… Read More » »

Ideas for Throwing the Perfect Recipe or Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower

Recipe theme bridal shower

Traditionally, bridal showers were occasions during which a bride-to-be’s female friends and relatives provided her with small gifts that she could use to set up her new household. The basic idea remains intact, but today’s bridal showers span across many different themes. If you’re in charge of planning a bridal shower, you’d probably like it to be special, practical and fun. A recipe themed bridal shower fills the bill nicely. This type of shower is special because guests share their favorite recipes with the bride-to-be. It’s practical because it gives a bride-to-be a stockpile of unique recipes, and it’s fun because everyone can contribute in her own special way. Learn more about planning a recipe themed bridal shower below.

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