Instant Downloadable Bridal Shower Games that You Can Print at Home

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Hot pink and spring green floral bridal shower games by Wasootch

We’ve recently opened up a Wasootch store on Etsy. As part of our offerings in this new store, we are selling instant downloadable digital printable bridal shower games. We’ve focused on “Who Knows the Bride Best?” and “The Newlywed Game”.

Bridal shower hosts are always looking for ways to get a diverse group of guests interacting and having fun. Often times guests at a bridal shower aren’t well acquainted with each other. Bridal shower games like “Who Knows the Bride Best?” and “The Newlywed Game” allow for some fun interaction to happen amongst the group. It’s also a great way to have your guests feel they are more a part of the wedding by revealing information about the bride and groom they might not otherwise have known. These games are quick and easy as well and don’t require much preparation at all. You can provide party favors as prizes to whichever guests win the game.

We sell our games in an easy to print 8.5"x11” game size. No fussy cutting required. For just $5.00, you get both a print at home and print professional .pdf version of the complete game. It’s up to you how you’d like to print them. It’s a good idea to print them using a slightly thicker paper so that it is easier for the guests to write on, but that is up to you. Our game designs come in both color and black and white. We have a variety of designs available and we are adding more designs whenever we can.

Who Knows the Bride Best? Bridal Shower Game

Here is a sample of our “Who Knows the Bride Best?” instant downloadable bridal shower games. With this game, wedding shower guests answer questions about the bride. The guest who gets the most correct wins the game. It is probably a good idea to plan for a potential tie. A super simple game that gets your bridal shower guests involved and reveals some things about the bride they may not have otherwise known.

Whimsical Floral Who Knows the Bride Best Bridal Shower Game

Black and White Floral Damask Who Knows the Bride Best Wedding Shower Game

Red Gerber Daisy Black White Polka Dot Who Knows the Bride Best Bridal Shower Game

The Newlywed Game

Here is a sample of our “The Newlywed Game” instant downloadable bridal shower games. With this game, the wedding shower hostess asks the groom-to-be these questions prior to having the shower date. Some may even decide to videotape the groom-to-be’s answers. Then, at the bridal shower, the bride-to-be is asked these same questions and she is to try and match what she thinks the groom-to-be answered. Then the groom-to-be’s answer is either read out or played. Before all this occurs, the guests read through the questions and try to guess how many they think the bride-to-be will get right. The guest(s) who guesses closest to the right number is/are the winner(s). Again, planning ahead for a tie is a good idea. This game is quite fun because it is interesting to see how well the bride-to-be knows her groom-to-be. Most times not as well as one might think. It makes for some fun discussions at the party. Plus, it again reveals things about the bride-to-be and groom-to-be that otherwise guests may not have known.

Hot Pink and Spring Green Floral Newlywed Game Bridal Shower Game

Black and White Polka Dot Newlywed Game Bridal Shower Game

Coral Aqua Blue Birds Leaves Flowers Newlywed Game Bridal Shower Game

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed our selection of printable bridal shower game instant downloadables. If you have any other design ideas for these, let us know. Also, if you want printed versions of the designs we can accommodate your request. If you want changes to any of the questions, this will incur a custom design fee of an additional $5.00. These instant downloadables are for your own personal use only. They are not to be resold, redistributed or used commercially in any way.

Posted by Wasootch - a designer of unique special occasion stationery and customizable gifts.