New Product! Custom Burnished Silver Pet Tags - Personalize them with your own text!

Zazzle, our print on demand partner, has added a new product line -
custom burnished silver pet tags!

These sturdy and durable tags are available in two shapes and are UV resistant and waterproof. These tags make perfect accessories for your pet and will most definitely hold up to the everyday wear and tear your pet will put them through.

The design area is vibrantly printed in full color for a fun and fashionable look. They make a great gift for any pet lover.

We’ve added a few different styles to spruce up your cat or dog. Also, a variety of talented designers have added great designs as well and we’ve featured a few of our favorites below.

Note: These are small, so they don’t include a lot of information for the design area, but… Read More » »

Custom Pillows, Tea Towels, Placemats and Napkins! Zazzle’s New Partnership with American Mojo

Lately Zazzle, our fulfillment partner, has been on a bit of a mission. They want to add products to their platform that change the world in a socially and ecologically responsible way. In enters one of Zazzle’s new partnerships: American Mojo®.

American Mojo® is a very unique, very cool company. We really can’t do them any justice when describing them. In a nutshell, American Mojo employs single mothers to cut and sew their products right in the USA. So, all their products are made in the USA. Impressive for sure, but that’s not all. They also pay these mothers better than minimum wage. Not only that, they provide them with childcare, healthcare, retirement plans, and education/career training as well as opportunities to move to… Read More » »