Raining Pixels Video Game Bar Mitzvah Invitation Sets

raining pixels video game gamer bar mitzvah invitation sets

We recently created these video game Bar Mitzvah invitations. These raining pixels video game or gamer Bar Mitzvah invitation sets come in rainbow color or green, gray, and black. These Bar Mitzvah invitation sets are a great choice for a video game or computer themed Bar Mitzvah party.

Video games and computers are very popular these days, especially with boys. With these gamer Bar Mitzvah invitation designs digital pixels or LEDs rain or cascade from the top and gradually fade away towards the bottom. The pixels accent the Jewish Star of David. The fonts used for the wording are digital or digitized fonts like you’d see in pixelated graphics or on old computer and electronic displays. For an additional fun touch, some of the… Read More » »

Futuristic Nightclub Neon Pink Purple Bat Mitzvah Invitation Set

Futuristic nightclub neon pink purple Bat Mitzvah invitation set

With this post, we are featuring our brand new futuristic nightclub poster style Bat Mitzvah invitation set. This nightclub poster style Bat Mitzvah invitation set features outer space stars and futuristic laser light highlights. 

The background on this futuristic Bat Mitzvah invite suite design is an eggplant or dark violet purple with neon pink star lights that make it appear like a dark night sky or outer space. There are also several neon pink laser lights that act as highlights to this unique future themed design. These elements are then complimented with neon pink wording that uses a sleek, modern, simplistic font choice (Note, some of the wording and the Star of David appears to glow with neon or hot pink light as well).… Read More » »

Magical Ballroom Fairy Tale Quinceañera Invitation and RSVP Card

Magical ballroom fairy tale Quinceañera invitation and RSVP card

We just added this unique and magical ballroom fairy tale once upon a time Quinceañera birthday invitation and matching RSVP card on Lemon Leaf Prints. This magical once upon a time Quinceañera invitation is perfect for a quince with a fairy tale theme.

This fairy tale design features royal colors of gold, silver, and shades of purple. At the top of the invitation, are the words “Once upon a time a girl had a dream to host a magical party when she turns 15”.

Once upon a time is perfect for a fairytale theme grand ball. To get a magical look, we used whimsical storybook fonts for the wording. Also, the “O” in once upon a time is in keeping with an illuminated manuscript like you’d have seen in medieval times. At the bottom of… Read More » »

Space Wars Bar Mitzvah Invitation Set

Retro Star Wars Bar Mitzvah Invitation Set from Wasootch for Lemon Leaf Prints

With the release of the latest Star Wars moive, the franchise is trendy again and space wars is a great theme for a Bar Mitzvah party. So, we created this Star Wars inspired space wars Bar Mitzvah invitation set exclusively for Lemon Leaf Prints.

This science fiction star or space wars Bar Mitzvah invitation set would work well for a space movie themed Bar Mitzvah or also for a space wars video game themed Bar Mitzvah. This space wars Bar Mitzvah invitation set is inspired by the original Star Wars style. It has a retro 70s (1970s) comic book style fictional space scene design with space ships, planets, and laser light blasts. The spacecraft appear to be battling each other. It also features a Star Wars inspired font and Yoda… Read More » »

Alice in Wonderland Bat Mitzvah Invitation Suite

Whimsical Alice in Wonderland Bat Mitzvah Invitation Set

Alice in Wonderland is a fabulous and whimsical party theme idea and is the perfect choice for a magical Bat Mitzvah! So, we decided to design this fun Alice in Wonderland Bat Mitzvah invitation suite. This invitation set will help you set the perfect mood for your Alice in Wonderland Bat Mitzvah party.

Whimsical and fantastical, the image above shows the invitation, RSVP postcard, reception card, and thank you postcard that is available for purchase. The design features a colorful fantasy mushroom and foggy forest background paired with several of the characters and objects found in the book. Along with a “drink me” potion bottle, the White Rabbit checks his pocket watch to make sure he’s not late for a very important date, the… Read More » »