Magical Ballroom Fairy Tale Quinceañera Invitation and RSVP Card

Magical ballroom fairy tale Quinceañera invitation and RSVP card

We just added this unique and magical ballroom fairy tale once upon a time Quinceañera birthday invitation and matching RSVP card on Lemon Leaf Prints. This magical once upon a time Quinceañera invitation is perfect for a quince with a fairy tale theme.

This fairy tale design features royal colors of gold, silver, and shades of purple. At the top of the invitation, are the words “Once upon a time a girl had a dream to host a magical party when she turns 15”.

Once upon a time is perfect for a fairytale theme grand ball. To get a magical look, we used whimsical storybook fonts for the wording. Also, the “O” in once upon a time is in keeping with an illuminated manuscript like you’d have seen in medieval times. At the bottom of… Read More » »