Real Wedding Inspiration: Natalie and Josh’s Tartan Renaissance Wedding!

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Are you a proud Scott? Do you like medieval, celtic, or renaissance themes? Scottish tartan themed weddings really fit a medieval, celtic, or renaissance theme and are a great way to celebrate your Scottish pride. Nowadays the groom wearing his traditional family tartan, or one of the universal Sottish tartans, has become a very popular idea. This isn’t just a great theme for Scots. There are plenty of Irish and Welsh tartans to choose from as well.

Natalie and Josh's Tartan Wedding Inspiration Collage 1

You can go fairly simple with this theme and have only the groom wearing a dress kilt and a piper playing celtic music throughout the ceremony or you can go all out and add bits of the tartan to your wedding cake, wedding invitations, bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, flower arrangements groomsmen, and wedding reception decorations including table cards, place cards, wedding programs, and favour tags. You could also choose celtic knot wedding rings where the intertwining celtic knots represent your love for each other.

We recently helped create the wedding stationery for Natalie and Josh’s tartan renaissance themed wedding. Natalie was kind enough to share with us some of the photographs from her real tartan wedding and she wrote some thoughts about her tartan wedding and why she chose the theme.

On December 4, 2008, my husband and I decided to renew our vows for our 15th year anniversary. Since we had eloped the first time I wanted a real wedding this time! When we thought of what to do for the wedding we knew right away it had to have kilts. My Aunt Fifi, who had passed away from Acute Leukemia in 2008, was like a second mom to me and really loved our Scottish side, and we loved going to renaissance festivals. While we where at the festival one year we talked to a lady at Wolfstone Kilt Company who made everything tartan related. The women in my family wore the plaid that My Aunt Fifi had found in a previous year to be our tartan. Then we looked up Josh’s family (who we don’t know how much scottish he really has, lol) and found his tartan. From then on everything was a go! I knew I wanted to look like a princess and still wanted to keep with the theme so after purchasing a regular wedding dress, I had the same company, Wolfstone Kilt Company, custom make me an over dress that went fabulous with our theme.

Everything turned out great and all the guests loved the original theme. We even played celtic music for walking down the aisle. The wedding was held at Daniels Vineyard in Crab Orchard, WV. The ceremony was under a pavilion and I wasn’t sure if I would hear the music or if the weather would hold out but in fact the music echoed throughout the mountainous area and even though the day before had been chilly, the day of our wedding was beautiful. Every one loved the song choices for the ceremony and the location. We used music from our favorite celtic group called The Medieval Babes. Everything was perfect, we even made sure our flowers and cake stuck with the rustic but elegant feel of the wedding! Don’t be afraid to think out of the box. Guests will love it when the wedding isn’t a cookie cutter wedding! Feel free to ask me for more details on our Scottish/Celtic West Virginian wedding!

~ Natalie June 13, 2012

Natalie and Josh's Tartan Wedding Inspiration Collage 2

We think Natalie did a great job putting her tartan renaissance wedding together. The mix of different tartans is really a unique idea and they go great together. Her dress was in a perfect celtic renaissance style. The flowers and cake were a great complement to the theme as well. Rustic, yet elegant, in deep rich colors. The Vineyard setting for the ceremony also adds to the renaissance theme and the choice of an outdoor wedding is very reminiscent of old celtic handfasting ceremonies. From Wikipedia:

Handfasting is an ancient Celtic ceremony of (temporary or permanent) betrothal or wedding that dates back to pre-Christian times and usually involves the tying or binding of the hands of the bride and groom with a cord or ribbon.

If, like Natalie and Josh, you plan on choosing a tartan wedding theme, you might want tartan wedding invitations, response cards, save the date cards or magnets, table cards, place cards, wedding programs (order of service), favour tags, wedding stickers, and/or thank you cards. That’s where we can help out!

Here’s a sample of the templates we designed for Natalie to use to create her wedding invitations, reply cards, reception cards, table number cards, wedding programs, and thank you cards. Natalie had a big say in how she wanted everything to look.

Natalie and Josh's Tartan Wedding Stationery

We have a variety of templates that we’ve designed that can be altered to the tartan you particularly want. We have designs featuring the famous Royal Stuart (Stewart) tartan and the Black Watch tartan, both of which are considered “universal tartans”. We also have many other clan tartan invitations ready to order, but we will also alter any of our tartan designs to your specific tartan requirements.

All you need to do is contact us and let us know what tartan you’d like to use and if there is a particular design you like.

Keep in mind, not only do tartans work well on wedding invitations, but they also make great additions to special birthday party invitations, family reunion invitations, and retirement party invitations (an especially good choice for police, military, and fireman retirements).

We have these available too and they can be altered to your tartan of choice. In addition, it’s easy to customize any of our invitation designs to whatever occasion you’d like because the text is all fully customizable.

We’d like to thank Ann Hughes, Natalie and Josh’s photographer, for providing the wedding photos seen in this blog post. Ann Hughes is a portrait and wedding photographer based out of Eugene, Oregon. She specializes in capturing your special moments in a way that is honest and true to your personality. About her business, Ann writes,

I am honored and privileged to be doing what I love. Every day I have a session, part of me feels like I’m just hanging out with friends. I just happen to have a huge camera in my hand, capturing it all on ‘film.’

If you’re having a wedding in or around Eugene, Oregon, make sure to check into working with Ann. Ann Hughes Photography,

The cake for Natalie and Josh’s wedding was designed by Emily Preed from The Appetit Boutique. Their website is currently under maintenance. Natalie and Josh’s florist was Blossom Village.

Looking for additional tartan wedding inspiration? Check out these links:

Posted by Wasootch - a designer of unique special occasion stationery and customizable gifts.


  • 1.

    This is simply beautiful!

    Posted by: Lori Malibuitalian | June 2012

  • 2.

    I adore this idea, my Scottish heritage coming to the forefront I know, but this is wonderful. My cousin had planned to marry in Scotland but had to delay, they already had his dress Kilt in the works. 

    Lovely write up on your wedding and great designs from Wasootch.  I am sure this was a very memorable and cherished time in your lives.

    Posted by: Denise Beverly | June 2012 | East Tennessee

  • 3.

    Wow! What a gorgeous wedding. The colors are so striking and beautiful. Love the invitations too. It’s all so wonderful. What a great theme. Very well done!

    Posted by: Debbie | June 2012

  • 4.

    Wow! This was such a wonderful wedding design! Every aspect was very well matched and beautiful! I love the detail in the wedding invitations and how they matched the theme so perfectly. And that cake is amazing! I bet it was absolutely yummy. Congrats Natalie and Josh, and great job! :)

    Posted by: Amy Sagan | June 2012

  • 5.

    WOW! Super great wedding, seems really fun and that cake is awesome! Love the invites, they are way cool and hip.

    Posted by: Julie Farrell | June 2012 | Dallas TX

  • 6.

    Great wedding theme idea. Gorgeous wedding.

    Posted by: TeeZazzle | June 2012 | USA

  • 7.

    Totally stunning, beautiful wedding.

    Posted by: Ricaso | June 2012

  • 8.

    Beautiful wedding, all the Scottish heritage colors look great, and everyone looks like they had a great time, Congratulations.

    Posted by: William | June 2012 | Australia

  • 9.

    beautifull! absolutely gorgeousQ
    Thanks for sharing
    and lovely invites as well!

    Posted by: MGdezigns | June 2012 | online

  • 10.

    Great blog post! Very inspiring wedding for anyone interested in a Scottish, Celtic, or Medieval theme too. All the wedding stationery was a perfect match and the entire look was so cohesive. The cake looked amazing and so did the happy couple. I alos loved the bridesmaid dresses with the tartan wraps. I’m sure all the guests had a great time!!

    Posted by: Vicki | June 2012 | PEI, Canada

  • 11.

    Very nice wedding, everything went together so well.  Wasootch’s invitations where a lovely choice.

    Posted by: Dizzy Debbie | June 2012 | Dallas

  • 12.

    Wonderful blog post and the invitations are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!

    Posted by: Sandy Buckley | June 2012 | United States

  • 13.

    I love how the theme was carried out through the whole wedding! What a wonderful way to renew your vows!

    Posted by: Teresa | June 2012

  • 14.

    What a unique wedding! Everything is absolutely beautiful!

    Posted by: Shirley | June 2012 | United States

  • 15.

    Such beautiful invitations and photographs - lovely wedding

    Posted by: Susan Moss | June 2012 | Perth Australia

  • 16.

    Wow, beautifully original and stunning wedding!  Surely a day to remember for a lifetime!  The whole wedding was gorgeously choreographed down to the last detail from the beautiful invitations to your gorgeous dress!  :)

    Posted by: Expressyoursoul | June 2012 | New Jersey

  • 17.

    Wonderful stuff by all!!  Well Done Shannon! ♥

    Posted by: Pip | June 2012 | Australia

  • 18.

    Beautiful wedding, beautiful photos and beautiful invitations!

    Posted by: Olympia | June 2012 | Greece

  • 19.

    What a lovely wedding theme. The invitations are fantastic!

    Posted by: Annalee | June 2012 | NV

  • 20.

    Such a beautiful wedding and invitation cards! Lovely!

    Posted by: all_items | June 2012 | United States

  • 21.

    Absolutely gorgeous. The invites look amazing!

    Posted by: Ilene | June 2012 | New Jersey

  • 22.

    Lovely theme wedding!! Very romantic. Great color scheme! Love the wedding invitations!

    Posted by: Elizebeth | June 2012

  • 23.

    Such a beautiful ceremony with lovely invitations to match!  I adore the dress that the Bride wore, wonderfully appropriate for the theme.  Great job to everyone who contributed to this :)

    Posted by: Jamie | June 2012

  • 24.

    Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed seeing the pics.Every detail was so beautiful and I hope it was exactly how you had invisioned your special day to be.

    Posted by: Emily Perry Reed owner of The Appetit Boutique. | June 2012 | Hinton,Wv

  • 25.

    Beautiful wedding.Both look like king and prince.I love this post very much.Thanks for your sharing.

    Posted by: elitefilming | November 2014

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