Rustic Sunflower Burlap and Lace Wedding Invitation Set

Rustic burlap lace sunflower wedding invitation set

Rustic weddings are all the rage these days. Especially paired with sunflowers. We’ve created this rustic sunflower, burlap and lace wedding invitation set to help satisfy demand for all things rustic wedding. This set has been designed exclusively for our new partner Lemon Leaf Prints. We’re super excited to be part of Lemon Leaf Prints! We’ll tell you more about them below!

This wedding invitation set features a bright yellow sunflower flower paired with a faux burlap background. The burlap background has a delicate lace pattern over it to add some elegance and femininity to it. We also added in a faux leather look band and a faux wood floral embellishment. All these things are trendy choices for rustic weddings. This invitation… Read More » »

Black and White Damask Sunflower Wedding Invitation Stationery Set

Deciding to have a sunflower themed wedding is a great choice. The cheery yellow flower will make your wedding joyful and energetic. Pretty much everyone loves sunflowers because of their vibrant color and unique details. As a flower choice for weddings, sunflowers have come to symbolize prosperity, peace, and happiness. Fantastic symbolism to start off your life as a married couple. This sunny and vibrant flower is full of zest and life and is generally used in summer and fall weddings due to availability. It looks especially great in outdoor weddings in sunny, warm environments, but it can be used indoors as well. Sunflowers brighten up any environment with ease.

Many think the sunflower is best when paired with a rustic ranch or… Read More » »