Turquoise Royal Blue Watercolor Mountain Wedding Invitation Set

Royal Blue Navy Watercolor Mountain Wedding Invitation Set

Mountain weddings are beautiful! What a perfect location for a wedding! I created this royal blue and turquoise watercolor mountain wedding invitation set with a beautiful mountain location in mind. This set has been designed exclusively for my new partner Lemon Leaf Prints.

This wedding invitation set features a mountain lake scene that looks like a watercolor painting. The mountain scene also features evergreen trees. The colors in this invitation are elegant royal blue and turquoise paired with white and a bit of navy blue. A gorgeous set for nature lovers and those who love hiking, biking, skiing or various other mountain adventures. This invitation design is best suited to a winter, spring, or summer mountain wedding because… Read More » »

Blue Dendrobium Wedding Invitation Set Turquoise Purple Watercolor

Blue Dendrobium Wedding Invitation Set Purple Turquoise Watercolor

Wasootch has just designed the above beautiful Blue Dendrobium orchid wedding invitation set. Elegant and romantic, this purple turquoise orchid wedding invitation set would work well for a spring wedding, a summer wedding, or a winter wedding.

This gorgeous, but affordable orchid flower is violet purple and turquoise blue or teal in color predominantly. It also features a variety of shades of purple, blue and turquoise / teal (or aquamarine). Because of its unique dramatic jewel tone color, it is often the flower of choice for peacock themed weddings or weddings with a peacock color palette theme. Their bright aquamarine or turquoise centers almost make them appear to glow from within.

Most people think that all orchids are very… Read More » »

Royal Blue Bold Floral Wedding Invitation Set Royal Blue Grey White

Bold royal blue floral wedding invitation set

Just in time for spring or summer we have recently reimagined an older design of our’s and added it in royal blue, silver grey and white. This beautiful bold royal blue floral wedding invitation set is elegant and sophisticated.

royal blue and white wedding bouquetRoyal blue and white or royal blue, silver gray and white is a timeless wedding color theme choice. It’s a wonderful choice for spring, summer, or winter weddings. It is always sophisticated and elegant, but the royal blue also adds a bit of color zing without being over the top.

With this royal blue wedding invitation set’s bold abstract floral design, there is a bit more daring added to this color palette. Because the palette is not overly bright and doesn’t consist of a lot of color, you can add in… Read More » »

Turquoise Silver Gray Lace Wedding Invitation Suite

Turquoise silver grey lace wedding invitation set

Turquoise or teal and silver or silver grey are a trendy color combo for weddings right now. We’ve created this unique and beautiful turquoise and silver grey lace wedding invitation set to help satisfy demand for this wedding color combo trend. We designed this lace wedding invitation set for our partner Lemon Leaf Prints. Lemon Leaf Prints is a fabulous small business that focuses on excellent customer service.

This unique lace wedding invitation set features an elaborate turquoise (teal) lace accent near the top of the invitation, the reply card, the reception card, and the save the date. The set pairs this lace accent with a silver grey (gray) floral lace pattern background. This wedding invitation suite features traditional… Read More » »

Rustic Winter Wedding Invitation Set Snowflakes Over Wood

Rustic snowflake on wood winter wedding invitation set

This post is about our newly created rustic wood and snowflakes winter wedding invitation set shown above. Rustic, yet still elegant, this snowflakes and wood wedding invitation set would work well for a rustic winter wonderland wedding! Large bold white snowflakes and snow over a woodgrain wood background makes this the perfect rustic winter wedding invitation set!

Rustic winter wedding bouquetRustic weddings have been very trendy for spring, summer, and fall weddings, but they also are a great trend in winter weddings. Rustic weddings are weddings that feature rustic, natural elements such as burlap, wood, bark, twine, twigs, branches, mason jars, hay bails, etc. They feature natural neutral colors and often choose laid back florals such as baby’s breath,… Read More » »

Rustic Blue Hydrangea Wedding Invitation Suite

rustic blue hydrangea wood wedding invitation set

Hydrangea flowers are a great flower choice for any wedding and they work really well for a rustic or country wedding as well. I just love hydrangeas, so I’ve created this beautiful rustic watercolor hydrangea wedding invitation suite. I designed this blue hydrangea wedding invitation set for my partner Lemon Leaf Prints. Lemon Leaf Prints is a wonderful small business that focuses on quality and excellent customer service.

This hydrangea and rustic white washed wood wedding invitation set features a pretty watercolor hydrangea flower paired with a rustic woodgrain background. It also features a unique wedding invitation wording layout, with complimentary fonts and colors, but this wording can be laid out however you’d like. The… Read More » »

Purple Red Gold Royal Medieval Renaissance Wedding Invitation Set

Purple red gold medieval renaissance royal wedding invitation set

We designed this stunning and unique wedding invitation set for a medieval, renaissance fair (renaissance faire, renaissance festival), royal, or fairy tale (fairytale) themed wedding. This medieval or renaissance royal wedding invitation suite features bold jewel colors of royal purple, deep red, and gold. There is an elaborate gold scroll design that looks similar to the intricacy you might see on a royal crown. The design’s background appears to look like crushed velvet (a favorite with royal costumes). The wording on the wedding invitation pieces is done up using a medieval blackletter font for the highlighted words paired with a old style calligraphy font that looks as though it was written with a fountain pen.

Some of the… Read More » »

Vintage Blush Pink Grey Rose Wedding Invitation Set

Vintage blush pink grey rose wedding invitation set

We designed this blush pink rose wedding invitation set for a blush pink and grey rose themed wedding. This rose wedding invitation design features a vintage illustration of blush pink roses paired with charcoal gray stems and leaves on an aged art paper style of background. This vintage rose illustration is similar to what you’d see in a storybook.

Roses are the most romantic flowers that can be used in weddings and blush pink is a beautiful and elegant color choice. Blush pink looks especially classy when paired with subtle grey and ivory. It makes for a very soothing color palette. Roses also work well for vintage weddings because they have a timeless classic beauty to them. Imagine how beautiful your wedding will look with… Read More » »

White Yellow Daisy Royal Blue Damask Wedding Invitation Set

White and Yellow Daisy Royal Blue Damask Wedding Invitation Set

White daisies with yellow centers are a popular wedding flower. They are a great choice for a spring, summer, or fall / autumn wedding flower because they are always readily available and they are inexpensive. The yellow center of the daisy pairs great with blue. I created this royal blue, yellow and white daisy wedding invitation set with a cottage, outdoor or elegant rustic wedding in mind. You can only purchase this set from Lemon Leaf Prints.

The symbolic meaning of daisies is innocence, loyal love, and purity. White daisies with yellow centers are generally called shasta daisies or even chamomile daisies (smaller size). They are a great wedding flower for a younger couple because they are so affordable and they really do… Read More » »

Watercolor Peacock Feather Wedding Invitation Set

watercolor peacock feather wedding invitation set from Wasootch for Lemon Leaf Prints

Peacock weddings are a trendy new theme. Often wedding decor for a peacock themed wedding features peacock feathers and jewel tone peacock colors. We created this watercolor peacock feather wedding invitation set for this theme and we designed this set exclusively for our new partner Lemon Leaf Prints. You can’t find it anywhere else.

This peacock wedding invitation set features layered peacock feathers in bright peacock colors. The colors of this peacock feather wedding invitation set are royal blue, emerald green, sunny yellow, and white. The feathers have a watercolor painterly style, as though they have been painted using watercolor paints. This design is a lot brighter and more cheerful than many other peacock wedding… Read More » »

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