Watercolor Peacock Feather Wedding Invitation Set

watercolor peacock feather wedding invitation set from Wasootch for Lemon Leaf Prints

Peacock weddings are a trendy new theme. Often wedding decor for a peacock themed wedding features peacock feathers and jewel tone peacock colors. We created this watercolor peacock feather wedding invitation set for this theme and we designed this set exclusively for our new partner Lemon Leaf Prints. You can’t find it anywhere else.

This peacock wedding invitation set features layered peacock feathers in bright peacock colors. The colors of this peacock feather wedding invitation set are royal blue, emerald green, sunny yellow, and white. The feathers have a watercolor painterly style, as though they have been painted using watercolor paints. This design is a lot brighter and more cheerful than many other peacock wedding… Read More » »

Rustic Sunflower Burlap and Lace Wedding Invitation Set

Rustic burlap lace sunflower wedding invitation set

Rustic weddings are all the rage these days. Especially paired with sunflowers. We’ve created this rustic sunflower, burlap and lace wedding invitation set to help satisfy demand for all things rustic wedding. This set has been designed exclusively for our new partner Lemon Leaf Prints. We’re super excited to be part of Lemon Leaf Prints! We’ll tell you more about them below!

This wedding invitation set features a bright yellow sunflower flower paired with a faux burlap background. The burlap background has a delicate lace pattern over it to add some elegance and femininity to it. We also added in a faux leather look band and a faux wood floral embellishment. All these things are trendy choices for rustic weddings. This invitation… Read More » »

Unique Wedding Favors - Personalized Cake Pops!

personalized wedding favor cake pop

Looking for unique wedding favors? How about personalized wedding favor cake pops?

Zazzle has been adding tons of new products. So many that it’s difficult for designers to even attempt to keep up. At Wasootch, we’ve been focusing on some of the ones that we feel relate more to weddings and special occasions.

One of the latest new offerings from Zazzle are cake pops! These cake pops can be personalized with designs, text, and photos and we think this makes them a unique choice for a wedding or other special occasion thank you favor. Ordered by the dozen, these bite-sized desserts from Veronica’s Treats, are moist and delicious and keep up to six weeks. And, they are really quite affordable.

Not only can you personalize them, but… Read More » »

Free Printable Black and White Polka Dot Wedding Votive Candle Wrap

Yeah! A wedding freebie! Download this black and white polka dot personalized votive candle wrap for free! Compliments of Wasootch.

This black and white polka dot wedding votive candle wrap free printable even has text that you can personalize. You just edit the text on this polka dot votive candle wrap how ever you want (you can also change the font/font size/font color), then you print out however many you need, cut them out, and wrap them around a votive candle and secure them with double sided tape. Super simple DIY project.

Instructions for using these free printable black and white polka dots wedding votive candle wraps:

  1. Download the free printable by clicking on the image below and then saving the pdf to your computer.… Read More » »

    Black White Floral Pink Gerbera Daisy Wedding Invitation Stationery Set

    Black and White Floral Pink Gerbera Daisy Wedding Stationery Set

    I know I haven’t been posting in a while. I’ve been busy with designing, doing customer request custom designs, and running our small business! There is a ton of work to do when you run a small business such as ours. I still have to update our site here with all our lastest new designs, but I can’t seem to find the time. But, I wanted to add a blog post showcasing some new additions to our store at the very least.

    We recently had a custom request to expand on the matching products we had available for one of our popular wedding invitations - our black and white floral damask, black ribbon, and pink gerber (gerbera) daisy flower wedding invitation. I personally love this design. The hot pink bright and cheerful daisy paired with… Read More » »

    Real Wedding Inspiration: Natalie and Josh’s Tartan Renaissance Wedding!

    Are you a proud Scott? Do you like medieval, celtic, or renaissance themes? Scottish tartan themed weddings really fit a medieval, celtic, or renaissance theme and are a great way to celebrate your Scottish pride. Nowadays the groom wearing his traditional family tartan, or one of the universal Sottish tartans, has become a very popular idea. This isn’t just a great theme for Scots. There are plenty of Irish and Welsh tartans to choose from as well.

    Natalie and Josh's Tartan Wedding Inspiration Collage 1

    You can go fairly simple with this theme and have only the groom wearing a dress kilt and a piper playing celtic music throughout the ceremony or you can go all out and add bits of the tartan to your wedding cake, wedding invitations, bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, flower… Read More » »

    Ideas for Crafting Creative, Custom Wedding Invitation Text

    Sunflower Purple Damask Floral Wedding Invitation

    Picking out wedding invitations is one of a brides’s most exciting duties. Invitations can be found in almost any color and design style imaginable. For many couples, picking out invitations that express their unique personalities is important. Many brides and grooms have moved away from the super-traditional wedding invitation wording of times past, opting for more modern versions of timeless sentiments.

    Writing the text for a wedding invitation can be a challenging task. You want to express your personality while demonstrating good etiquette and communicating essential information. For many modern brides, wedding invitations will be complemented by a wedding website that also provides guests with information about the event, venue… Read More » »

    Pink Cymbidium Orchid Wedding Inspiration and Color Palette

    Pink Cymbidium Orchid Color Palette

    Orchids are beautiful and elegant flowers. Grown around the world, there are somewhere between 22,000-26,000 accepted species of orchid! That is an incredible number. Twice the number of known bird species and four times the number of known mammal species. Many of these species are grown in tropical environments, as well as in Asia.

    Orchids are revered for their delicate beauty and their exotic character. The symbolic meanings of orchids are varied and include a universal message of love, beauty, wisdom, thoughtfulness, luxury, and strength. Great symbolism for a wedding.

    The lighter pink Cymbidium orchid variety has a particularly soft and romantic feel. It’s additional symbolic meaning is “pure affection”. It’s a larger sized… Read More » »

    Elegant Fall Maple Leaves Wedding Stationery Set

    Elegant Autumn Themed Wedding Styleboard

    Fall weddings are not only beautiful, but also a very smart idea. Nature comes alive with natural, vibrant, earthy colors in pretty forms of berries, fruits, and leaves.

    Bouquets, center pieces, and other decorations can include twigs, berries, fruits, and vibrantly colored leaves in addition to flowers.

    The weather in autumn also makes it a good choice because there is less chance of rain generally, and the temperatures are not as hot as in the summer. Insects are on the decline as well. Many areas you can still easily get away with an outdoor wedding that is very pleasant. And, since it is harvest time, you can get fresher produce than at any other time of the year.

    But, the beauty of the season is not the only reason to consider an… Read More » »

    Black and White Damask Sunflower Wedding Invitation Stationery Set

    Deciding to have a sunflower themed wedding is a great choice. The cheery yellow flower will make your wedding joyful and energetic. Pretty much everyone loves sunflowers because of their vibrant color and unique details. As a flower choice for weddings, sunflowers have come to symbolize prosperity, peace, and happiness. Fantastic symbolism to start off your life as a married couple. This sunny and vibrant flower is full of zest and life and is generally used in summer and fall weddings due to availability. It looks especially great in outdoor weddings in sunny, warm environments, but it can be used indoors as well. Sunflowers brighten up any environment with ease.

    Many think the sunflower is best when paired with a rustic ranch or… Read More » »