Elegant Fall Maple Leaves Wedding Stationery Set

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Elegant Autumn Themed Wedding Styleboard

Fall weddings are not only beautiful, but also a very smart idea. Nature comes alive with natural, vibrant, earthy colors in pretty forms of berries, fruits, and leaves.

Bouquets, center pieces, and other decorations can include twigs, berries, fruits, and vibrantly colored leaves in addition to flowers.

The weather in autumn also makes it a good choice because there is less chance of rain generally, and the temperatures are not as hot as in the summer. Insects are on the decline as well. Many areas you can still easily get away with an outdoor wedding that is very pleasant. And, since it is harvest time, you can get fresher produce than at any other time of the year.

But, the beauty of the season is not the only reason to consider an autumn wedding. It’s also a great way to save money on your wedding! You will most definitely get better deals on most aspects of your wedding because you are not competing for the busy spring or summer season dates. The cost of the wedding venue, in particular, may result in great savings.

Fall weddings can be rustic, casual, whimsical, or elegant… it’s your choice. For colors, most of us think of deep oranges, fiery reds, rusts and chocolate browns as basic fall colors. However, you can easily use certain shades of purple, green, yellow and blue because a bright and beautiful autumn day will incorporate all manner of earthy natural colors. Autumn weddings often feature leaves, twigs, berries, trees, and pumpkins and gourds in their themes as well as flowers such as sunflowers and orange or yellow gerbera daisies or calla lilies.

We think maple leaves are a beautiful choice to center your wedding around. This theme will look stunning with a combination of fall colors, vibrant flowers, and seasonal foliage. Mix and match fall colored maple leaves with any flower of your choosing. Maple leaves are inexpensive and can be added to large floral arrangements and table center pieces, as well as bridal bouquets, wedding favors, and other reception and church decorations. This theme looks particularly warm, vibrant, and bold with a red and orange color combination. There are so many reasons this theme makes a great choice.

Shown below is a fall maple leaves wedding invitation and stationery set that we’ve designed. It incorporates the beauty of fall in an elegant and also rustic way. As you can see, there are a variety of matching products to choose from. Most of the text on the products can easily be personalized with your own text. Also, the invitations, save the date announcements, thank you cards, and reply cards come with standard white envelopes, but you can also order a specially designed envelopes to go with the invitation or thank you card. If you require any changes to any of the products (perhaps you’d like a different quote on the front of the wedding invitation as an example or no text at all), or if you require any additional products for this set, please contact us using the “About” tab above and filling out the contact form on the “contact us” page.

Invitations and Announcements:

Enclosure Cards:

Accessories for Mailing:

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Thank You Cards:

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