How long will it take to get my order?

Zazzle’s products are printed on demand in the United States and shipped worldwide. Even products ordered from Zazzle’s international domains are printed and shipped from the US. If you are an international customer wondering where your order is, please take into account that the products are being shipped overseas. It is helpful to read the International shipping help guide linked to below.

Each of Zazzle’s product types require different timeframes to produce and ship. For example, envelopes take quite a bit longer to produce than invitations. Furthermore, Rickshaw and American Mojo products have a long production time. Customers often do not allow a lot of time for programs, invitations, or menus to be delivered. It is generally best to expect at least a two week turnaround for customers in the US. Larger volume orders also add to the production times. For example, 2-3 business days are usually added to invitation orders over 50.

Order delivery also depends on what shipping option was chosen when ordering. Expedited shipping will ensure speedier delivery.

Click here for Zazzle’s help guide for order status/processing, shipment tracking, and turnaround times. This link is especially useful in understanding turnaround estimates for various products.

Click here to for Zazzle’s International and overseas shipping help guide which is applicable to anyone ordering from outside the US.