Elegant Black and White Vintage Floral Sleeves For Ipads

  • $38.10 per customizable Rickshaw Bags® iPad sleeve.
  • Ultra-plush, laptop-grade padded liner.
  • Simple, elegant slip-cover design.
  • Handmade with a sustainability focus in the US.
  • Full color vibrant digital printing.

About the Design

Personalized black and white vintage and elegant floral iPad 1 or iPad 2 sleeve. To change the name, use the personalize option. Or, to make more extensive changes to the sleeve, use the customize it option.

About Zazzle's Custom Rickshaw Bags® iPad sleeves

Rickshaw Bags® iPad sleeves are made with rugged Cordura® nylon and have an ultra-plush padded liner. These stylish sleeves provide great protection for your device. These are manufactured on demand from scratch in San Francisco with a focus on environmentally sustainable manufacturing. Easily personalize any text or add your own text for a custom look. The Zazzle website has all sorts of options for customization. You can choose your own trim and lining color too.

  • Perfect for iPad or iPad 2 (w/smart cover).
  • Water resistant, extra durable construction.
  • Fully handmade in the USA.
  • Protective foam padding; Ultra-plush lining.
  • Simple, elegant slip-cover design.
  • Choose from a variety of binding and liner colors.
  • Note: Zazzle Rickshaw Bags® sleeves are manufactured on demand. Therefore, manufacturing times are longer. Please allow 10-21 business days for manufacturing. *Shipping estimates will vary depending on the shipping method selected at checkout, and are not included in the manufacturing turnaround times posted.
  • Zazzle Rickshaw Bags® sleeves are manufactured, printed, and shipped in the US, even if ordered off of international sites. Please allow sufficient time for international shipping.

Note: All designs are flat printed designs without any 3D or raised embellishments.

If you would like changes to a design, would like a design on another product, or are having trouble customizing a product, please click on "About" -> "Contact Us" and send us a message through the contact us form on this website.

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