Taupe Green Leaves Template Photographic Print

  • $27.50 per default size print.
  • Customizable photo template photo enlargement.
  • Printed on Kodak Professional Photo Paper (Satin).
  • Beautiful and vibrant color printing.

About the Design

You can customize the photo and the text on this elegant yet natural looking taupe and green weave and leaves portrait style photo template photographic picture. Framed, this would make a great wedding gift, anniversary gift, valentine

About Zazzle's Custom photo template photo enlargement

Printed on Kodak Professional Photo Paper (Satin). Developed specifically for darkroom printing, Kodak photographic paper is a premium silver-halide paper designed to dramatically enhance colors, while maintaining consistent tonal reproduction.

  • Photographic enlargements default sizes can be changed, but please note that images do not necessarily work on all aspect ratios or sizes. Zazzle's site is very much a "what you see is what you get", so if you change the size, you may find that text is cut off or designs are changed in odd ways. This is how they will print, so please keep that in mind.
  • Some of our images and designs are not meant to be any bigger. Zazzle's system will give a warning if you're attempting to make the canvas too big.
  • Add a standard frame or custom frame (with or without matte).
  • Zazzle's photographic enlargements are printed and shipped in the US, even if ordered off of international sites. Please allow sufficient time for international shipping.

Note: All designs are flat printed designs without any 3D or raised embellishments.

If you would like changes to a design, would like a design on another product, or are having trouble customizing a product, please click on "About" -> "Contact Us" and send us a message through the contact us form on this website.

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